Monday, October 8, 2007

Life on Loan: Reassign your Resources - Luke 10:27-37

Are you a giver or a taker? Does all that taking make you happy, or does it just make you want more and more? Too many people in this world are takers, and not enough people know the joy of giving. God created us to give to those in need. He prepared us to do good works for those in need by giving us talents and resources to use for His purposes. Too often we have buried those talents or used them for our own purposes instead of looking for God’s purposes. It is up to us to reassign those resources to do God’s work here and now.

Luke 10:27-37
The Good Samaritan Gives:
  • Inconvenient Help - v33
  • Personal Involvement - v34
  • Sacrificial Transportation - v34
  • Lodging and Companionship - v35
Matthew 25:14-30
The One-Talent guy was
Scared, Lazy and Wicked because he:
  • Didn't look past his Fear
  • Didn't exert any Effort
  • Didn't take any Risks