Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Twisted: Money and Greed - Luke 16:1-13

Money itself isn't bad. It can do great things when used correctly. It is when money is used incorrectly that problems start. When we recognize where money comes from and how it should be used, it can be a wonderful tool. When we think only of ourselves money gets twisted into greed and we get twisted in the process.
  • Money is FROM God
  • Money is FOR God
    • Through Other People
    • Through the Church
  • Money becomes greed when we focus on US instead of GOD

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Twisted - Genesis 3:1-6

Why do bad things happen? Where does evil come from?
Only God has the power to create something completely new. (Everything man has "created" is actually just rearranging the stuff that was already there.) Everything God created was good. So, where does the bad stuff come from. We read in the Bible that Satan (the accuser, the tempter, the adversary) is a liar. Some of his greatest lies are taking the good things God has created and twisting them (or our understanding of them) into something they are not. This has happened since the very beginning and it still happens today. Genesis 3:1-6 tells the story of the first twist.
  • Doubt - "Did God Really Say?"
    • Question God's word and His will
  • Deceit - "You will not surely die."
    • Remove or reduce the consequences
  • Desire - "You will be like God."
    • Focus on you, not on God